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Welcome! I'm Blakelee, but commonly referred to as Blake. I grew up in Georgia, but have had the attitude of go, see, and do for as long as I can remember. My love for traveling to new places and experiencing other cultures started when I began traveling to the Dominican Republic every summer for eight years ​for volunteer service trips. Since then I've only want to see, feel, eat, dance, speak and experience more.

I value excitement in my life, and I never say no to trying new things or challenging myself. After I graduated from university, I moved to Madrid, Spain where I lived for three years working as a language assistant. During this time, I was not only able to experience the amazing, vibrant lifestyle this city has to offer, but also travel to over fifteen countries learning about different cultures, languages, cuisines, and lifestyles. I then spent a year in New York, because they say that's what every young person should do... right? From NYC came the adventure of what was supposed to be two months in London that turned into six. I'm now ready for the next adventure.


During my four years of undergraduate at The University of Georgia, I completed two degrees- Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing and Spanish Language. I participated in two study abroad programs- a semester in Valencia, Spain studying Castilian Spanish, literature and culture, and a week in Havana, Cuba studying the evolution of business in this often overlooked country flourishing with potential and opportunity. During my last semester at UGA, I competed in Terry College's Digital Marketing Competition where my team and I created an app-concentrated campaign for a corporate brand in the food industry. We advanced to the final round where we pitched our idea to the company's representative and panel of judges.

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